The Malted Wedding Dessert Bar

Wedding Dessert Ideas

Weddings are a great time to show off the personality of the couple. For some, this means a traditional wedding in a chapel with a simple reception with dinner and cake afterward. For others, this can be stretched in any-which way.

One of the fun ways to show off your preferences as a couple is to customize your menu all the way down to the menu. If you can’t narrow down some of your selections, then a wedding dessert table or buffet may be the perfect solution. Why settle for one of your favorite desserts when you could have multiple?! A fun addition to any dessert bar is Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder. Whether you’re a big fan of the 50s or just love the flavor of malt, these dessert recipes are excellent additions to any wedding dessert buffet.



Cupcakes aren’t straying too far from tradition, seeing as how they’re just mini cakes, but they can be a simple and elegant way to bedeck your dessert buffet. Depending on the time of year your wedding falls in, you can customize the flavors from simple chocolate and vanilla to something festive like strawberry shortcake or pumpkin.

No matter your favorite flavor of cake, you can class-up any cupcake with some Maple and Malt cream cheese frosting. Use the CTL Foods’ Pumpkin Cupcakes with Malty Cream Cheese recipe to make delicious cream cheese frosting. For maple syrup, try the Trainor’s Maple Essence Farms Maple Syrup. Your completed dessert will be the perfect addition to your wedding’s dessert table.



We’re going to go back to something a little more traditional with Chocolate Malt Cake next. Part of the benefit of doing a dessert bar for your wedding is being able to make less of each item but still having a variety.

This malt flavored cake is perfect for those with a milder sweet tooth. The full bodied flavor of the malt works perfectly with cocoa to make a cake that could satisfy the pickiest of guests. This is easy to make large amounts of, so it’s a good staple to have at the table. You can decorate sheet cakes with your wedding’s colors or top it with simple dollops of whipped cream.

Weddings are entirely customizable, but it depends on your needs when it comes to making desserts. Whether you stick with just two dessert options or expand it to include candies and other baked goods, a wedding dessert bar is a fun way to conclude your special day.

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