Easy Dorm Room Recipes

So, you’re finally here. You’re at college. You’ve read the packing lists, you’ve met with your school representatives, and you’ve done your fair share of worrying about making friends, eating healthy, and so on… Everyone goes through those moments before taking the leap into the first bout of adulthood.

Dorm Room Recipe Ideas

From having a different schedule every day to club meetings to eating healthy, there are so many facets of living on your own that are simply learned best by firsthand experience. Though that is true, there are some tips that can get you on the right path.

What you eat is so important when you’re in school, studying hard (and late), participating in multiple clubs or organizations, and [trying] to pay attention in class. What we eat largely affects how we stay energized, but not just physically. It affects us mentally, too. If you don’t eat foods that promote a healthy (mostly healthy) lifestyle, then your body and brain will suffer the consequences.

Below are some delicious recipes that are easy to make, and are relatively affordable, for the average college student. Most of them don’t even require an oven! These are great to bring to study group meetings and to grab on your way to class. None of these should replace meals, but sometimes homework, projects, class, work, and clubs can add up and leave little time to fix yourself a hearty meal (or go to the cafeteria). These will hold you over, at least for a little while! Enjoy!


To keep your energy up during class, you’re going to need some hearty snacks to keep you alert and on the go. Many snacks don’t require baking, so these are great for making in the dorms. Try these fun homemade recipes to make with your dorm-mates!


A great thing about a lot of granola bar recipes is that they are no-bake! You could make this in your dorm room while you watch TV! Here are a couple recipes:

•   Quinoa Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

•   No Bake Energy Bites

•   No Bake Protein Bars


For a sweeter snack, try out these tasty recipes:

•   Malty Puppy Chow Recipe

•   Malty Pretzel Crunch

*Both of these snacks have malted milk powder in them, so if you don’t have some, you can order some from this website. This malted milk powder is delicious and won’t break the bank. 

Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder


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Have fun making these dorm proof recipes with your friends! 

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