A Cheap Date Night Idea

Ideas for dating without breaking the bank

Life is hectic. Jobs can be demanding. Life can be stressful.

If you and your spouse have a job, you both know that it’s difficult to leave all your work at work. It’s easy to think about it throughout the day, causing you both unnecessary stress and worry. So, why not treat yourselves once in awhile? Take a night to relax and spend time together, free of distraction. 

Going on dates seem like such a routine part of a  relationship, but it can give you the time you need to connect, get to know each other even more, and simply spend some time away from home, where there may or may not be piles of laundry and dirty dishes. If you and your significant other need some variety in your date night ideas, keep reading!

I know that going out on dates at the town’s fanciest restaurant is fun, but let’s be real. That can be expensive, and if you’re working with a budget, it might not be the best decision. There are plenty of fun date night ideas that you can have at home, but who doesn’t love a good movie marathon?

So, clean up your house/apartment, and get ready to have a fun night to yourselves!

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is a low budget date night idea for at home, and it gives you chance to stuff your face with pizza and snacks. This is what you have to do:

•   Clear the living room, and lay down every blanket you have in your house, along with all the pillows, to create a cozy space that will provide premium comfort for your marathon.

•   Each of you needs to pick out one movie, and hopefully, you both like what the other one picks!

•   For food and snacks, you can decide what you want for the meal, though pizza is a great main dish for a movie marathon. Instead of ordering, you can easily make a pizza with this simple recipe. Or you can make a monkey-bread pizza with this recipe! By making your own food, you can add all the toppings you want without the extra charges for an extra sprinkle of cheese.

•   For snacks, there is a rule of thumb that makes for a great date night snack selection: sweet and salty. For the sweet snack, make some of this delicious puppy chow! It calls for malted milk powder, which you can purchase here! For a salty (and also sort of sweet, that’s okay, right?) snack, try out this yummy pretzel mix!  

•    •    •

Have a fun, low-budget date night at home with these fun recipes!

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