Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

So you’ve decided to host Thanksgiving dinner this year? While the main course and most side dishes are predetermined for you, the dessert is going to be all up to you. Often Thanksgiving dinners end with a pumpkin pie, but if you are interested in making delicious Thanksgiving desserts that aren’t pie, try these delectable recipes using Soda Fountain® Malted Milk Powder.

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Malty Cream Cheese are the perfect fall treat for your Thanksgiving dessert table. These treats are easy to make and both the cupcake and the frosting use the same key ingredient – Soda Fountain® Malted Milk Powder for added flavor to an already popular Thanksgiving dessert. Sticking with the pumpkin theme for your Thanksgiving dessert plates, Pumpkin Malt Layered Mousse adds a touch of delicious elegance to that Thanksgiving dessert table. Add some Soda Fountain® Malted Milk Powder and layer the treat into a festive glass for a treat that is as delicious as it is eye-catching.

Of course no brisk fall day would be complete without apple crisp. Thanksgiving Day and the day or two leading up to the big day are going to be filled with meal prep and cooking. This makes this dessert absolutely perfect! Simply make a batch whenever you have free time and freeze it. Thanksgiving Day, when guests and family are arriving and you have a turkey in the oven, just take The Best Ever Malty Apple Crisp out of the freezer, heat it in the microwave, and add a dollop of ice cream.

Another option for an easy and delicious Thanksgiving dessert recipe is the Apple Snicker Malt Salad. This sweet treat has the perfect combination of sweet and salty with a crunch. The salad is also made using Soda Fountain® Malted Milk Powder, giving it that classic malt shop flavor.

Thanksgiving Dessert Before Turkey

If you’re worried people will be hungry before the turkey is done and the final touches on dinner have been completed, make up some Malty Puppy Chow for the family. Malty Puppy Chow is a Thanksgiving dessert that can double as an appetizer for your guests, as you prepare the big meal. This Thanksgiving snack can be customized by using different candies and dried fruit combined with Soda Fountain® Malted Milk Powder. So, send the guests and family to the living room to watch the parade and football, each with their own bowl of Malty Puppy Chow.

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