5 Unique and Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas

5 Unique and Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas

Ghosts! Goblins! Ghouls! Halloween is the time of year that we allow our scary selves to get creative, and woe be to the candy-giver who does not prepare for it. This is also a time of year to let your creativity shine; you get to decide the eeriest decorations for your yard, the creepiest costume for yourself, and the most bizarre treats for your guests. Figuring out the perfect treats for Halloween can be difficult, and you only get to do this once a year! Here are a few great recipes to try making for your guests or yourself this Halloween.


Pumpkin Cupcakes with Malty Cream Cheese

One creepy Halloween idea to whip up this year are these mouth-watering cupcakes. These treats are sure to make your house the talk of ghost-town, and the added soda fountain malted milk powder only makes these cupcakes better. These cupcakes are so good you may find yourself making them outside of the Halloween season!

Pumpkin Cupcakes


Mini-Spider Donuts

This charming Halloween treat idea is easy to make and is sure to enchant your spooky guests. All you need to make these goodies are some candy eyeballs, donuts, and pretzels for the spiders’ legs. These creepy crawlies are so fun to look at it that you may have a hard time bringing yourself to eat them.


Monster Rice Krispie Treats

Another quick and easy concoction are these adorable Rice Krispie creatures. Making these critters is very straight forward; all you have to do is mold a regular Rice Krispie recipe into a ball, and add some food coloring to them in order to give them an otherworldly appearance. It’s easy to make a bunch of these animals quickly, so this is an ideal recipe if you are expecting to be overwhelmed by trick-or-treaters!


Cobweb Brownies

Another delectable Halloween recipe to try out it this one for some seasonal brownies. Making these treats is as easy as using your favorite brownie recipe, then topping them with a speckling of fronting in order to get that cobweb look. If you would like for your brownies to have a little bit more of a kick then add in some soda fountain malted milk powder.


Frozen “Boo”-Nana Pops

Last but not least might be the cutest Halloween treat on this list. These frozen bananas dipped in white chocolate are easy to create, and you can make them under half an hour. Serving these to the neighborhood cretins will probably convince them to opt for “treat” rather than “trick.”



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