Treats to Have on Hand for Unexpected Guests

pink malty squirrel

What do you do when unexpected guests show up at your house? Do you run to your fridge to see if there’s anything available for drinks or snacks? “Um, well, we have cold water, one Mountain Dew, almond milk, and two diet Cokes. Sound good?”

No. It doesn’t sound good.

Your friends won’t stop being your friends if you don’t have treats for them, especially when they drop in unexpectedly. But wouldn’t you love being the one that makes them say, “That person always has the best treats, even when we drop by unexpectedly. I love that person!” And have everyone agree with them?

Be Prepared for Unexpected Guests

It takes a little preparation, but here are some things to always have on hand

▸ Beer
▸ Cola-type soda, regular and diet
▸ Clear soda, like Sprite
▸ Ingredients for mixed drinks and fancy or seasonal drinks

grasshopper malt for unexpected guests

To take care of the mixed, fancy, or seasonal drinks, just look up some recipes, make a shopping list, and once you pick everything up, you’ll be ready for anybody who drops in. Won’t your guests be impressed when you offer drinks like the Pink Malty Squirrel or the minty Grasshopper Malt? What makes these drinks so special is the special ingredient, Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder.

Another good thing to have on hand are some tasty snacks. Keep your entertainment area stocked with a variety of chips and dips. At the very least, you’ll always have something. To step the snack game up a bit, keep a regular supply of fresh veggies and fruit available.


malty apple crisp for unexpected guests

Finally, if a lot of unexpected guests tend to pop up at your house, make time to bake up brownies, cookies, pie, a cake, or other treats on a somewhat regular basis. At the very least, have the ingredients on hand. Quick box mixes can be whipped up, or you could bake this malty apple crisp, which is sure to please everyone, no matter what time of year!

1 lb Canister
2.5 lb Canister
10oz Bag
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