Work Party Food Ideas

Office Potluck Ideas

If your company is anything like ours, you’ll be celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with the classic office potluck. Everybody gets a chance to show off their favorite recipes when it’s potluck time. You can play it safe and bring your tried and true recipes, or you can be a little bit adventurous and try something new out.

The best recipes are ones that can go a long way easily. Depending on the size of your office, you may have to provide a large enough dish that everyone can give your creation a try. Here are a few work party food recipes that are easily adjustable for the amount of people you have, but that can still knock the socks off of your co-workers.

Malted Apple Snicker Recipe
Soda Fountain Malted Apple Snicker Recipe

Apple Snicker Malt Salad

The apple snicker salad is an old favorite for many. This creamy salad mixes candy bars with fruit and pudding. Who wouldn’t love that?! This recipe gives the well-loved salad a new flavor by adding Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder into the mix.

This is a fun recipe for any work party, especially during the summer months. If you keep this refrigerated before distributing, it can be a refreshingly cool salad that caps off your co-workers’ lunch as a perfect mix between dessert and salad.


Malted Puppy Chow
Soda Fountain Malted Puppy Chow Recipe

Malty Puppy Chow

Another classic and work party appropriate food is puppy chow. Sugary cereal mixed with chocolate, peanut butter, and any of your other favorite treats is a great way to feed multiple people and be the new office favorite. CTL Foods’ recipe for Malty Puppy Chow adds a new ingredient: Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder. Now instead of coating each piece with a bit of powdered sugar, the puppy chow will be dusted with malt powder and sugar to create a sweet and malty treat.


Malty Cheese Ball
Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder Cheese Ball Recipe

Malty Cheese Ball

Not all cheese balls are made the same, and with this work party recipe, your cheese ball can be something new and unique. This cream cheese ball works great as a dessert or snack. Adding malt powder helps move your recipe from typical to fun and new. The sweetness of the cream cheese goes well with the full flavor of the malt powder, to create a delicious and unique tasting dessert.

Once you’ve created the ball, you just need to slice up your favorite fruits to be served alongside it. This snack is great for the spring or summer time, just make sure you keep it refrigerated.

Some other great work party food ideas are main courses that are easy to make a lot of, such as hot dogs or brats. If you’re looking for a way to make these a little more special, bring in some of your favorite dressings such as classic ketchup, mustard, and relish, or spruce it up with hot peppers or Sconnie Foods’ Squeezable Sauerkraut in Original or Spicy Mustard from

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