Warm and Cozy Winter Cabin Recipes

Cozy Cabin winter Recipes

A winter cabin getaway can be a great way to enjoy the cold season, and it can also provide you with the opportunity to enjoy what this oft-misunderstood time of year has to offer. Getting to spend time with your family and friends can be a blast, and getting to explore the wintery outdoors and bond over a fire is traditional for many. Making something delicious to replenish your energy can really hit the spot after coming home from a long day exploring outside, so here are a few malty drinks and recipes you can make in the comfort of your cozy winter cabin.

Malty Chocolate Chip Cookies

This classic recipe tastes even better in the winter, and they are the perfect treat for warming up. Making these delicious goodies is very simple; all you need to do is make a mixture of cookie dough using your favorite chocolate cookie recipe, and then you just need to add in about a cup of Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder in order to enhance the flavor. These hot baked goods are just what the doctor ordered for those that want to warm up quickly after a long day outside.

Malty Chocolate Chip Cookies


Brownies with Malt

Another wonderful winter treat to try out at your cabin in the woods is this one. Brownies are famous for their rich and filling flavor, and adding Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder only adds to that! These warm testaments of winter baked goods taste even better when paired with a cold glass of milk. Be sure to make extra so that you have something to munch on for your adventures outside tomorrow!

Brownies with malt powder!


Hot Malty Chocolate

If you would like to supplement your cabin food recipes with a cabin drink recipe, then try out this one for some of the world’s finest hot chocolate. Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder is the secret to this drink’s enchanting winter flavor, and it is sure to fill you up with its magic-like taste. You can even put this drink into a thermos to bring out on your next winter wonderland adventure!

Malty hot chocolate!


Chocolate Malt Egg Nog

An additional drink to try out is this chocolate malt egg nog. This mouthwatering winter beverage can be enjoyed by brave kids and adults, and it makes a great way to end a cabin day. This drink is made up of cocoa powder, Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder, cinnamon, and you can even add in some Kahlua and rum if you want to give it an extra kick.

Hot malty eggnog!




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