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Easy Party Food & Drink Ideas

Great party ideas

Let’s say you’re planning a party for your friend’s engagement or birthday, or maybe a housewarming party for you and your family. You’ll need food, decorations, activities, and the like. There are nearly endless ways to make the party you host stand out, but they can be hard to sort through!

For easy party drink recipes, DIY decorations, and sweet treats to dish up at your next extravaganza, keep reading!

Party lights

DIY Memories

What’s the point of a party if no one remembers it after? Help your guests remember how awesome of a party thrower and host you are by DIY-ing your own photo booth to have at your party. You can set up basically any kind of camera you have, (iPhone, DSLR, or point and shoot) on a table, tripod, or any other type of surface high enough to get the best shot. This is an easy, quick, and fun party idea.

There are dozens of different ways to set up the backdrop according to your theme. Check out these simple ideas for inspiration! 

Now, onto the most important part of your party. Food.

Party treats

Serve Up The Best

Oeuvre derves really make a good party. It’s true. What people can eat before they actually eat the big meal can make a big difference. Or, if you just are serving oeuvre derves, then by all means, do your thing. You obviously know that they rule the party food table.

For a chocolatey treat, try Strawberry Malt Truffles. The loved malt flavor mixed with cream cheese, strawberries, and chocolate will make your mouth water and is easy as all get out. This simple recipe uses Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder. No one can resist a truffle. 

Malty Alcoholic Drinks - Grasshopper with Malt

Fun and Easy Alcoholic Drinks

If you’re looking for some delicious, simple alcoholic drinks to offer at your next party, look no further. These easy alcoholic drinks will have your friends asking for the recipe so that people will rave about their parties, too.

The grasshopper. A classic alcoholic drink. But we’re not going for classic here. We’re going for exciting, delicious, and one of a kind. Try throwing in some malt powder and ice cream to your grasshopper to make it a shake-malt-grasshopper hybrid. You will not be disappointed. Here’s the grasshopper malt alcoholic drink recipe

Want a variety of delicious chilly alcoholic drink ideas? No problem. Try out this creamy and malty drink! The Pink Malty Squirrel has the same ingredients as the grasshopper, except you exchange the creme de menthe for some creme de noyaux, which has a wonderful almond flavor. 

These recipes are part of the recipe of an amazing party. Your guests will love eating and drinking whatever you choose to make!


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