50s Party Theme Ideas

50's Party

The days of soda parlors and rock and roll may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the era. Whether your child is in love with poodle skirts or you just want to relive the good old days for yourself, a 50s party is a great way to revisit some of the classic parts of your favorite decade.

There are several parts to throwing a great party that you can use to integrate your 50s party theme: music, food, and decorations.

50s Music


Get your dancing shoes on and crank up the party music from the 50s. Elvis Presley was at his peak in the 1950s with hit songs like Jail House Rock and Heartbreak Hotel. Get your party goers in the mood to step back into the 50s by playing some of these fun songs in the background during your party.

Other big songs in that decade were Rock Around the Clock, La Bamba, Peggy Sue, and Great Balls of Fire. You can create a playlist full of some of the most iconic songs of the decade on your favorite music program and let the music play throughout your 50s theme party.


Classic 50s Drive In


Food is important to any good party. You have to keep your guests well fed, and it’s a great place to incorporate your theme.

What’s more 50s iconic than a malt shop? Only the most boring people watched Grease and didn’t want to share a malt with their boyfriend or girlfriend. The drink and its taste have strong ties to the era. While you can’t visit many malt or soda shops in this day and age, you can create your own for your 50s party!

You and your guests can build your own malts using Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder from CTL Foods, your favorite toppings, ice cream, and some milk. If you’re looking for a few recipe suggestions, CTL Foods, provides several recipes:

Tropical Ice Cream Malt

Nutty Ice Cream Malt

Extreme Chocolate Ice Cream Malt


Soda Jerk


The 50s were a time of poodle skirts, juke boxes, and leather jackets. If you’re looking for décor today, some of the most common themes are music and food advertisements. Most party supply stores sell fake fast-food signs that have a distinct 1950s look as well as cruising car posters and record themed décor.

You can set up your home to look like a classic soda parlor or malt shop, complete with bright colors and trendy posters with 50s party supplies. Have fun with it and make your home inviting.

If you use any of these ideas, let us know how they go, or suggest your own 50s party ideas. Let the good times roll and enjoy yourself as you step back into the day of malts and rock and roll.

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