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Things to do on a Snow Day

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a region that gets snow each year, then you know how exciting a fresh layer of the fluffy white stuff can be for the whole family. There are so many great ways to spend a day home with snow, whether school has been canceled or it’s a weekend. Planning the perfect snow day activities can be tricky, but hopefully this post can give you some ideas.

Enjoying a snow day!

Enjoying a snow day!

Bundle Up:

Step one to any day in the snow is to bundle up! You know it’s cold out there, but if your student is whipping down hills for sledding, throwing snow balls, or building snow sculptures, they will only get colder as the day goes on. The traditional hat, scarf, coat, snow pants, boots, hat, and mittens are always great, but you can keep yourself and your family even warmer with thick socks and a few strategically placed heating packets.

A few great places for breakable heating packs are gloves, boots, and sweatshirt pockets. These may be just the boost your family needs when the winter wind starts blowing part way through your day.

Soda Fountain Toasted Malt Nuts

Soda Fountain Toasted Malt Nuts


Prepare snacks:

Running around in the snow all day can be exhausting! Not only will your kids have to carry around the extra weight of their snow gear, but they’ll also have to move through constricting snow. All in all, snow days are a fun, but tiring experience.

To prevent burn-outs during snow day activities, pack some easy snacks that will give your family a boost of energy when they’ve exhausted themselves. The fastest source of energy for any age is protein, so try some seasonal nuts packed in plastic containers. CTL Foods has a great recipe for Toasted Malt Nuts that uses their Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder to make your family’s protein packed snack into an even more exciting snack break.



The age-old snow day tradition of flying down steep hills on sleds is a winter staple. Hopefully, your town has a great sledding hill, or you may be fortunate enough to have one in your own backyard! Either way, your whole family can have a blast with a day of sledding. A great time to go is in the morning before the snow gets melty and soaks your family’s clothes.

Bringing a variety of sleds gives you options as the day goes on. Toboggans are a fun choice for group sledding and disks are perfect for solo dare devils.


Soda Fountain Malty Hot Chocolate

Soda Fountain Malty Hot Chocolate

Dry Off and Warm Up:

At the end of a long snow day, coming inside is a warm relief. Strip off your soaked snow pants, mittens, and hats and put them in the dryer. It’s also a good idea to get yourself into some new warm clothes and wrap a fluffy blanket around you.

Is there a better way to warm up after snow day activities than to drink a piping hot cup of hot chocolate? Try a new twist on the age old classic by adding a few tablespoons of Soda Fountain Malted Milk Powder from CTL Foods Inc. This way you can warm up from the outside in.


Now you can settle in for an evening of watching the snow fall, knowing you’ve had the perfect snow day.

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